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What are wholly foreign owned enterprises called
The wholly foreign owned enterprise is that the enterprise is owned by foreign investors including investors come from Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan island who the legal person or natural person who have attained the age of 18 years

Name of WFOE
Here some restrictions about company name in Yiwu China, and each name must be examined by relevant government departments. In terms of different names of company, it includes business, consultancy, international, group and holding. Different name will be equipped with different registered capital.

Registered capital
Different industries in China, different registered capital will be required.
Productive enterprise: US$300,000
Trade enterprise: US$65,000
Service enterprise: US$65,000

Material needed
1.Three enterprises names, registered capital and business scope
2.Oversea company or investor certification (copy)
3.Two sets of original credit worthiness of the foreign investor (Bank issues)
4.Register capital, proportions of investment, business scope
5.Productive enterprise:
Real estate of factory building lease contract original paper (6 copies of a formula)
Requirement: one of the shareholders rented more than 200 m2,
Non- productive enterprises: lease contract on real estate of office building original paper 2 copies of a formula.
Requirement: one of the shareholders rented more than 30 m2,
6.The letter approved by board meeting on Investment Company.
7.Qualification of Legal representative and the members of board
8.One authorized letter of registration signed by enterprise
9.certificate of environmental protection ( productive enterprise)
10.Feasible report

Fill the application form —》Pay the advance payment —》check the name —》Special trade leading examination and approval —》apply for the approval letter of foreign economic and trade commission—》Register the temporary Code Certificate of Organizations & Entities—》 Register the Certificate of Approval—》Register the Business License—》Company seal making—》 Register the code certificate of Organizations & Entities—》Foreign Exchange License & a management IC card—》Register the Tax Registration—》Register the Statistic Registration—》Restate the Business License(Restate The paid-up Capital---Register Custom Registration—》Finance Registration—》pay the rest fee

Service content
various written instructions and documents which the registered company relates to //Business license and duplicate //National tax , local tax registration card and duplicate //Apply to scribe the seal register //Corporation memorandum //Written instructions or comments of environmental protection //Enterprise's organization's code certificate (IC card ) / official seal , signet , financial chop.

Time needed
Productive enterprise: 5-6months or so (after approval)
non-productive enterprise: 4-5 months or so