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ATA—Group of Companies
ATA is a Hongkong-based company specializing in corporate formation, management and planning. ATA is the recognized industry leader in many leading jurisdictions. Established in Hong Kong in 1998, ATA extended its businesses quickly to the other parts of the world. And until now ATA has established a group of 28 companies worldwide. ATA services range from basic consultation to senior investment portfolio tailor-made especially for the need of the small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) .

ATA—Serving the SMEs, professional and worldwide
ATA has worldwide service network, with 28 branches and 38 departments under direct control by the group, businesses range from corporate formation, and management to trademark registration and financial planning, ATA also coordinate services and development of over 600 partners around the world. ATA covers Hong Kong, Macao, China, UK, Holland, France, Swiss, Italy, Singapore, Delaware in USA, Anguilla, the Bahamas, the British Virgin Islands (BVI), Cayman Islands, Mauritius, Samoa, Seychelles, Brunei, and Labuan in Malaysia.

ATA CFM—A Well-known Brand Name
ATA CFM stands for ATA corporate formation and management. ATA has been using the brand name since its establishment. The brand name is famous for its quality and professional services in Hong Kong, mainland China and overseas. ATA is competitive in business promotion and development.

ATA—Services with Value and Quality
ATA serves the world of business, with value and quality. ATA is competitive in business development with advantages of cost-effectiveness, quality and value guaranteed, distinguished brand, around clock network service and one-stop solutiion service. ATA’s services are value-orientated and solution-orientated.

ATA regards “Success starts from quality service, and quality service starts from good attitude” as our service motto, ATA seeks to develop business partnerships with our clients and strives to add value to their businesses. Your needs are managed and resolved efficiently and promptly. You are assured of immediate attention and service worldwide.

According to the development of global market, ATA will make Asia as developing center. Particularly, great consideration would be attached to the investment in China, India and Malaysia, which has large potential. Group investment strategy is to quickly promote strength and scale of ATA by merging and acquisitions. Group will build up an international image of the brandname “ATA” Globally under which becomes symbol of quality and profession among the SMEs.

When you buy from ATA, you buy the reassurance of world-renowned quality, reliability with unrivalled service and experience. In order to encourage every enterprise to protect their intellectual property and register more trademarks, all the trademarks registered by ATA Trademark Office, in case of no use for customer after registration, will be bought back as three times as the trademark registration fee.
ATA’s competitiveness on cost is secured through the high volume of companies which it incorporates in all major offshore centres. In terms of all the business entrusted to ATA, if unable to handle, all the expenses should be returned to clients.
In terms of the files entrusted to ATA, in case of falsity, ATA should offer compensation as three times as service fee, and undertake the legal responsibility arising from doing so.

All the business entrusted to ATA, ATA will finish timely with high quality, otherwise, the clients can complain and claim for compensation; ATA puts top priority of our clients needs and regards every service as important as required. After obtaining services from ATA, clients don’t need to pay any tips or commission for the services. If our staff asks for tips, welcome to report to ATA’s Customers Service Department.

ATA Staff and Partners
ATA is staffed by a professional team of lawyers, accountants and consultants with a wealth of experience both in their respective professions as well as specifically in the offshore industry. ATA also boasts of its strong team of more than 3000 professional partners at every corner around the world, catering to the need of SME enterprises. ATA enables to meet the different needs and expectations of its clients with consistent high quality of services around the world.

ATA is dedicated to continually training its staff to ensure that they are fully conversant with the latest developments in the various jurisdictions which ATA covers. ATA’s staff regularly present at seminars and conduct professional development trainings on relevant issues and topics that are of interest to its clients. ATA keeps its co-operators as informed as possible.

With the steady development for present enterprises, ATA has built up a network with over 3000 professionals and specialists worldwide, which forms a professional team from CPAs, lawyers, certified Appraisers, certified tax experts, engineers, fund managers, financing consultants and other experts from varied fields.

ATA—Professional and Worldwide

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