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Hong Kong Investment Portfolio

If you live and work overseas, but want to invest or set up a company in Hong Kong, you can simply rely on HK CFM in doing so. HK CFM can take care of everything for you, since HK CFM is familiar with formation formalities and is able to give you a tangible solution—do your business on HK CFM.


Hong Kong is an international metro with abundant information and the free trading port in the world. Together with sound infrastructure and complete legal system of its own, it provides an advantaged commercial environment to many enterprisers and traders. Therefore, more and more traders establish their own companies in Hong Kong on different purposes, which improve not only the image of the company but also the competitive ability of the company itself.


Investment possibilities generally

Foreign investment plays a key role in the Hong Kong economy. Various sources of foreign investment like China, Japan, the United States and the United Kingdom have substantial amounts of inward direct investment in Hong Kong. On the one hand, no industries in Hong Kong are closed to foreign investment. On the other hand, it is not only permitted but also common to have 100% foreign investment in most industries. Hong Kong has attracted more multinational corporations to set up their regional headquarters and offices here than any other city in the Asia-Pacific region.


Government attitude

The Hong Kong government upholds a free and open market policy which generally applies to all trade and investment, with very few restrictions on foreign investment. Whilst there are no specially enacted incentives for foreign investment, all foreign companies benefit from the government's policy of providing an appealing climate for investment through its physical infrastructure including good communications, efficient port and airport facilities, its simple tax structure with low rates of tax, and its legal and administrative system. It promotes fair competition and does not discriminate between foreign and domestic investors.


In terms of international recognition, Hong Kong is consistently described as the world's freest economy by highly reputed international institutions such as the Heritage Foundation and the Fraser Institute. For example, Hong Kong has been ranked the freest economy in the world for the 10th consecutive year in the Heritage Foundation's 2004 Index of Economic Freedom.


Gateway to mainland China

The fast expanding China market, especially after China's accession to the WTO and its continued reduction in administrative barriers to trade, has been highly attractive to foreign investors. Given the geographic proximity and business synergies between Hong Kong and mainland China, many foreign companies find it advantageous to choose Hong Kong as their base and a service platform for investment in China. What makes Hong Kong an even easier route into and out of China recently is the mainland China Hong Kong Closer Economic Partnership Arrangement (CEPA) of June 2003. It came into effect on 1 January 2004 and grants easier access to mainland markets for Hong Kong-made products and Hong Kong-based companies in various sectors. The measures in CEPA are above and beyond China's WTO commitments, which phase in tariff cuts and market liberalization measures in their entirety three to six years after WTO accession.


An overseas manufacturer is not required to establish itself a presence in Hong Kong to take advantage of CEPA but must enter into a joint venture with, or outsource production to, a Hong Kong manufacturer. An overseas service company may also be eligible for CEPA benefits one year after its merging with, or acquisition of at least 50% of, a Hong Kong service supplier. CEPA will therefore strengthen the appeal to foreign companies of Hong Kong's position as a service hub and global platform for China business, and in turn an incentive for foreign investment in Hong Kong.

Source: Author: Time:2009-2-1
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