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Representative Office (RO) in Yiwu

1. Overview About YIWU
YIWU, the capital of Sichuan province, sits in the heart of YIWU plain in southwestern China.
YIWU, at 540 meters above the sea level, embracing the sub-tropical moist monsoon climate with distinctive four seasons, enjoys mild summer and winter. The annual average temperature stays between 15.2~16.6
with the annual average rainfall hovering around 945.6 MM and more than 337 days free from frost. The population of 10.59 million people scattering on the total region of 12,400 square km makes out the density of 854 people per square km. Endowed with a history longer than 2,300 years and abundant historical heritages, YIWU is long being served as an important outpost in southwest China and the center of Gu Shu (Ancient Sichuan) culture showing its distinctive humanity, custom, and the culture of diet and leisure. The coverage of afforestation and greenbelt are 32.9% and 30.4%; the urban noise all year around stays under 54.6 decibels; the pollution index of the urban air stays under API 100; and the water quality reaches the standard of EEC (98).

2. Concept Of RO
A Chinese representative office (RO) is an office of the foreign enterprise established in China for liaison with Chinese businesses and customers on behalf of its parent company. A RO is not considered to be a separate legal entity. It can not directly engage in operational activities. However, its parent company can enter into contracts with its supplier/customers in China in its own name, but not in the name of its RO. Therefore, before a foreign investor establishes its presence in China using wholly foreign owned enterprise, equity joint venture and cooperative joint venture, it could first set up a representative office to test the market.

3. Representative Office Name
The format of the RO Name is: country (area) + parent company name + YIWU Representative Office

4.  Functions Of RO
RO enjoys a great popularity in Chinese market since its simple procedure, short time consuming and comparatively loose requirements for formation.

The simplicity and short time required for establishing a RO is the main reason for its popularity in China market. Unlike foreign investment enterprises ("FIEs"), representative offices are not required to meet stringent requirements for items such as capital contribution.

The functions of a RO are as follows:
1. Can handle market research, sourcing, project investigation for parent company, who in turn to execute trading function.
2. It cannot enter into purchase/sales contracts and receive payment for services, issue invoices.
3. A RO can open bank accounts and employ staff to maintain liaison with customers and suppliers.
4. Apply for work permit and residence permit more easily.
5. RO is not considered to be a separate legal entity, so it only works as liaison purpose.
6. Limitation in activity. No trading or invoicing is allowed.
7. Local staff should be hired via government admitted agents.
8. Although not profits, cost expenses still attract tax liability

5. Procedure
Fill in the application form→ sign the agreement→ pay for the service→ submit all the needed documents→ name checking→ apply for the business license→ go to the public security bureau to carve seal→ apply for Organization Code License & card→ apply for Registration license of National &Local Administration of Taxation

6. Documents Required
1. Parent company's original copy of business licenses, certificate of Incorporation & stamp;
2. Two original copies of bank reference letters for the parent company, stating a 6-digits bank balances, issued within 6 months & in both English and Chinese translation and certified by the Chinese Embassy or Consulate in your country;
3. Lawyer’s legalization or notarization; the whole set of company documents (including business licenses, certificate of Incorporation, documents showing information of shareholders and directors; M&A; annual return report) should be notarized by the organization which is recognized by the P.R.C. Ministry of Justice: If the parent company is abroad, the above mentioned documents should be notarized by the local Chinese Embassy or Consulate);
4. Original copy of identity certification, 2 color photos and one copy of resume of the chief representative (CR);
5. Two original copies of lease with signature and sealed by Housing Management Authority. (The signing party should be in the name of general representatives and rent for more than one year. In the meanwhile, the purpose must be for commercial use only).

7.  Our Service
1. Both original and duplicate copy of business license;
2. Registration license of National &Local Administration of Taxation;
3. Seal carving registration card;
4. Organization Code License & card (IC card);
5. Three seals.

8.  Follow-up
ATA can provide a series of follow up services to customers, such as bank account opening, book-keeping and auditing, annual return service, company alteration, financial planning and so on.

9. Time Needed
Once all the necessary documents for application are ready for submission, government approval can be got within 10-15 working days.

10. Taxation
In General a RO is subject to foreign enterprise income tax (FEIT) and Business tax (BT) under the PRC FEIT Law and the PRC Provisional Regulations of BT. There are different ways in which a representative office may be taxed but the most common basis is the cost-plus-basis. As at April 2002, the total tax burden under this assessment method is approximately 5-10% of the operating expenses incurred by the representative office. The FEIT and BT for a RO should be filed on a quarterly basis within 15 days after the end of each quarter.

Although a RO is not to conduct business, it attracts tax as stated below:
1. Chief Representative and local staff’s Individual Income Tax (IIT), rating from 5% to 45%, IIT depends on salary amount. Presently starting point is RMB2000 for people in mainland China and RMB 4800 for overseas people. It is calculated according to the formula: IIT= expenses/ (1-15%) ×10%×25%.
2. Cost Expense Taxes base on monthly operational expenses (CET), the rate is 5%. It is calculated according to the formula: CET= expenses/ (1-15%) ×5%.

In accordance with the relevant Chinese tax regulations, a RO may claim for tax exemption if it satisfies certain criteria stipulated in the regulations. Suppose the head office takes responsibility of all the expenses incurred from the representative office, no tax is levied.

1. Hand over of such as for non- Chinese document, need to translate into Chinese, and hand over together.
2. Carry out time to hand over a well-found day by consigning down payment and data since start computing.

11.Contact Us
For further queries, you are welcome to visit ATA website www.3737580.net or email to atahkhk@21cn.com / ata-cfmp@hotmail.com or contact any of the following branches, thank you.
HONGKONG TEL:852-27837818        YIWU TEL: 86-579-85206707 85206708

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