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Yiwu Investment Guide

Ⅰ.Introduction of Yiwu

 a fast developing commercial city in the middle of Zhejiang province, covers area of 1105 m2 , and dominates 6 villages, 7 streets and offices, with total population of over 1.6million, local population of 680,000, temporary population of 750,000, flow population of 200,000, urban population of 6000 from 100 nations and districts and 26,000 minority people from 40 peoples.

Yiwu is located in eastern of Jinqu basin, with 17 mark at 119 degrees 49 minutes east longitude till 120, latitude 29 degrees N spends 00:33:40 till 29 at 00:02:13 , and conjuncts with Dongyang in the east, faces Yongkang and Wuyi in the south, links with Jinhua and Lanxi in the west, and connects with Zhuji and Huangpu River in the north. Yiwu if 100 miles far from Hangzhou and was crowned by mountains in the east, south and north. It is 58.15 km from south to the north and 44.41 km from east to the west.

 Ⅱ. Investment environment for Yiwu

 Yiwu, as a fast developing city in China, is promoting to perfect investment environment to lay sound foundation for foreign investment. Yiwu government has issued ' Guide for foreign investment in Yiwu' for abstracting foreign investment.

Yiwu has convenient transportation and sound logistic system, with great investment value and relative advantage. For years, Yiwu government has been carrying out the strategy of ' Promoting industry by commercial and cooperation between industry and commercial', to seek opportunity and better environment for enterprise investment and development. Meanwhile, Yiwu has made great effort in infrastructure, agriculture, environment construction for investment. Recently, traditional agriculture has been reformed and many new investment projects have been built.

1. Business and trades: sustainable development Recently, Yiwu has undertaking some changes such as modernization, world-class and intelligentization. From some angle, Yiwu is not market for Yiwu people, but also for the world. Speaking in economy, Yiwu is not traditional trade market, as an emerging market in China, it has been equipped with product circle exchange center for modern and international products.

2. Manufacture: Fast developing In terms of ' Links between industry and trade' and ' Links between trade and industry', just one word can stands for the feature and advantage of Yiwu: promoting industry development by trade to shape industry foundation by carrying out ' developing industry by business' and ' links between trade and industry.

3. Foreign investment utilization Recent years, Yiwu has joined many big projects, which has been listed into considerable projects of province government in 2006 and reached investment of 350million and used foreign investment about $107.5million.

4. Wholly Foreign Founded Enterprise (WFOE) By end of 2005, 304 WFOEs has been founded in Yiwu, total foreign investment has been to $1314.38million with $773.14million of registered capital among which real paid-up capital is $528.60million. it is has been increased by 21.1% than the same time last year.

Source:ATAHK Group Author:cindy Time:2009-1-21
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